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My fitness “addiction” started about seven years ago. I joined a gym because, like many moms, I wanted to shed a few pounds and get into shape. I quickly found that, for me, the traditional treadmills and weight machines seemed a little less fun than what I saw going on in the group fitness room. So, I ventured in and was instantly hooked! I loved the bodystep, kickboxing, aerobics, weight classes and calisthentics. There were so many things about group fitness that made working out work for me. Classes started and ended at specific times, someone guided me to make sure I did everything safely and instructors encouraged and pushed us me to reach my personal best. I was already a seasoned workshop presenter at my full time job, so combining the two things I loved, exercising and presenting, was inevitable! I started as a Jazzercise instructor and have now expanded my certifications to include Les Mills Bodypump, Tabata Bootcamp and Les Mills Bodycombat!

Exercise is my escape from stress and it leaves me feeling WONDERFUL! Inside and out! This is the feeling I want everyone who steps into my classes to feel every single time!